Bad Day?

I think that sometimes we believe the doubt that rises in our minds, telling us that no one can understand what we are going through.  It is one of those things that in our darkest moments manifests in our minds leaving us feeling alone and either sad or fearful.  This video popped up on one of my social media sites and I felt it to be so authentic to how people feel in moments of doubt and what we should reflect on when those such moments arise in our lives.

Having A Bad Day? Here Are 46 Powerful Things You Should Really Hear.


Feeding a Little Hope and Peace


I have to admit, I have the best friends ever!!  They always know how to lift up my spirits and make me smile.  Most of the time, a good cup of tea, coffee, or champagne with idle chit chat and a little relaxation time is all we really need to rejuvenate our energy levels. I like to refer to them as my “just breath” moments.

Some of the time though, I’m lucky enough to be given the best little Happy Day Treats.  As an Easter gift, one of my sweet friends gave me this beautiful bird feeder, mentioning that it reminded her of me.  I have to admit, she’s was pretty spot on.  I even believe this bird feeder was specifically meant to find its way to me.

Now I’ve never owned a bird feeder before and this particular friend has never been to my parents’ house or been made privy to the fact that my mom loved bird feeders and had several of them placed throughout the absolutely gorgeous garden at their home.

So again I ask you….just coincidence?  By now, I think you know my answer to that.

Quote ~ Friendship



Each friend represents a world in us,

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

~ Anaïs Nin

Wine Anyone?


For years….literally years…ever since a visit to Italy, I have been in search of the perfect set of little Italian wine glasses to sip the most delectable vino from.  I have come across similar glasses, but never any that felt like they belonged in my home at a dinner party among friends….until Sunday night.

As we sat sipping tea after a most delicious meal in one of the most highly recommended establishments in town, my friend Margo’s house, the conversation veered off in a multitude of directions.  It so happened to venture on to a discussion of wine glasses and my insane desire to have these little Italian bicchieri di vino.  I’m a glassware girl and to say I love it would be a huge understatement.  There is just something about having the quintessential glass for that special drink that brings so much joy.  I realize it’s ridiculous and that there are so many other things in life to ponder and wish for.  But this was just one of those little things that wraps itself around your imagination and won’t let go.  So as we sat, pondering the ways of life, the words had barely escaped my lips when my girlfriend Sandy responded, “I’ve got some of those glasses and I love them, but I never use them.  You are welcome to have them.”  I sat with high aspirations that my quest had reached its’ end…and in fact…it had.

After years of peering into windows, perusing the internet, and searching high and low, my perfect Italian wine glasses had arrived.  I love when that happens.  When divine intervention occurs and what you long for and seek, finds you instead.


A Single Thought


I’ve had some people write with concerns of their own journey as a parent, child, and even sibling.  Doubts of whether or not they are doing as much as they can.  Loving as much as they can.  Giving as much as they can.  There have been comparisons to their personal journeys with Mama’s, indicating a sense of inadequacy.  I fall short in  having an answer to those concerns other than this one thought that I actively try to live my life remembering daily.

I truly believe we are only capable of giving what we have within us to give at any given moment in time.  There will be moments when we are capable of more and most definitely moments when we can only give so much.  Knowing this of ourselves, it seems only right to extend the same leniency to those we love.

When I write memories of Mama, I choose to reflect on her during her most giving, tolerant, and loving moments in life.  That is not to say that she did not have down moments or loss of hope at times.  She most definitely had her “off days” and doubts of her own journey through life.

We all do.

But, I hope when it comes time to reflect on my own path and for others to reflect on it as well, that I am uplifted and remembered for what I’ve done right and a grace provided to allow my shortcomings to rest quietly.

I write this post simply as reassurance to those that have uncertainties to recognize that we all have those same unsettling moments in life.  My only words of wisdom, because I am the same as you, is to have faith that you are doing the best you can and giving all that you are capable of in this exact given moment….today.


“Sweet” Break



I have stumbled upon another delectable treat from Hawaii, shortbread cookies.  One of my favorite things to do to wind down from a busy day at work is to stop and enjoy a cup of tea with a sweet biscuit.  Sometimes, that’s really all that is needed to find my balance again so that I may continue on for the rest of my day without undue stress.  I think that when we go through the loss of a loved one and find ourselves in the midst of grief, we take on stresses that we don’t even realize are there until we are completely overwhelmed and feeling somewhat defeated.  These are the times we must truly stop, acknowledge our strain and find our sense of peace in order to move forward.  For me, a cup of hot tea centers me and a sweet biscuit just adds a little “happy” to my day.  I love these little cookies because they are individually wrapped, keeping them super fresh and crumble with buttery goodness when you bite into them.  The fact that they’re dipped in chocolate is just the cherry on the top!