The Chopping Block

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This weekend I took the plunge and finally bought myself a truly incredible chopping block.  Some may think of it as not really being that big of a deal.  However, for me, it is another small grasp at holding onto everything Mama represented.

You see, growing up I recall having this huge chopping block that sat on the counter in our kitchen right next to the door.  It was the first thing you saw as you came in and the last thing you looked at as you left.  It was the all encompassing quintessential kitchen addition.  It not only provided the space for that which it was intended for, but it also housed tubs of hot cocoa in the winter and was a drop off for incoming and outgoing mail.  It was the place to roll out dough and a place to drop your keys for easy location.  It was easily one of the most used items in our home and deep within each grain of that wood was a story to be told.  In essence, it was a central hub!

I loved that block and have ever since wanted one for myself, but just never found the time to truly indulge my yearnings….until now.  I think there are things that each of us relates to those that we love.  This chopping block was one of those.  It was something so closely connected to Mama that I knew the time had come to add one to my own home.  For months now I have been on the hunt for one that felt like it belonged in my home.  So this weekend, as I strolled through Sur La Table looking for the perfect fit, I was more than excited to find my own little gem of a  chopping block.

I have to admit, it really is the small things that help us hold onto memories that I feel help carry us through the very emotional journey of saying, “goodbye” while still holding onto that love which we hold so deeply within our hearts.

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