Soft Rain



I’ve become accustomed to listening to relaxing “white noise” music during the night when I can’t sleep to try and alleviate restless nights.  Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sound of rain and a rushing stream.  It was one of the most relaxing mornings I’ve ever had.  I laid in bed wishing that it would become reality.  I longed for the soft patter of real rain and the peaceful calm that it seems to blanket the whole world with when it comes.

Eventually, I had to succumb to reality and rise and prepare for the day.  Expecting a hot day, I was pleasantly surprised by how cool and breezy it was.  It was lovely and I realized that however much I had wanted my day to go one way, the alternative had been equally pleasant.

Once home, as I took some time to unwound, I glanced out into the soft glow of the lowering sun.  A serene smile spread across my face as I realized the softest of rain falling from the sky.  The kind of gentle rain that doesn’t even make a sound, but still stops you in awe.  The beauty of it was inspiring and had me lifting my gaze to the heavens as a sign of “thanks” to Mom.  She seems to be answering my wishes with the sweetest subtlety these days.


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