Early Morning Calls

Leaf on Path

The silence in the morning is sometimes deafening.  Where there was once the ring of a phone…there is now none.  Idle chit chat with Mom is now just a memory.  My mornings have always been hectic.  I tend to thrive on getting up early and accomplishing quite a bit before the day ever truly begins.  I remembered those early morning calls from Mama in the wee hours of morning today.  She would oftentimes call out of the blue just to say hello, wish me luck with something I was doing, or fill me in on the gossip of a small town.  I realized this morning just how quite my early hours are now.  It’s not even as if she called every day; but, once that seemingly casual act is taken away, life is altered forever.  I’ve recently become accustomed to playing music early in the mornings, sometimes even beginning much earlier than when I rise.  Somewhere deep in the darkness of late last night, I think I just had a revelation as to why.  Subconsciously, I think I realized just how quiet the silence of a voice can actually be.


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