Floating Prayers


There are certain days in our lives that conjure up a multitude of emotions, such as holidays, birthdays, the death of a loved one, and other monumental moments in our individual journeys.   For each person, they are different. The magnitude of how strongly they affect us is equally varied.

Memories of Mama and our holiday celebrations make me very nostalgic. Therefore, with the onset of Easter Day weekend, I knew the need to ease a little bit of the pain was essential.  It was, in fact, the opportune moment to send up a few “floating prayers.”  I was not the only one in need of a bit of support these days, so I asked my sweet friends to come along for the ride.  Remarkable enough, the stresses, losses, and uncertainties have been prevalent in all of our lives lately.  There remains one thing that is certain through all of this, the love, laughter, and unwavering support of our chosen family is a blessing beyond belief.

Floating Prayers

So yesterday, just as the sun was beginning to say farewell, we took a leisurely stroll by the lake.  We must have been a sight, each of us holding tight to a thin, curly ribbon linked to a bright purple balloon adorned with personal prayers for our families and friends, good health and an abundant of well wishes for those who have passed.  A day that predictably could have been lonely and fraught with tears was replaced with acknowledged grief, renewed wishes, and laughter among friends.

Floating Balloons


We used standard balloons and Sharpie acrylic paint pens in white and silver to write our prayers.


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