Bucket List

Church Top


Some of my most treasured memories are those traveling with my parents as an adult.  The experience is completely different than that of when I was a child.  The dynamics shift and there is sense of “friendship” that evolves.  Over the years, I have been lucky enough to travel with them numerous times to all sorts of different places.  One such trip was through the Northeastern states just a couple of years back.

Once Mom discovered she had cancer, she added one thing that I can recall, to her bucket list.  She was bound and determined to visit all fifty states.  Mind you, my parents were extensive travelers and had already journeyed to most.  It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to call them up and discover they were on the road or in route to their next destination.  Which is probably why I enjoyed hanging out with them so much?  They had more energy in their seventies than I ever did.  I admired them for their thirst for adventure and commitment to staying connected with friends.

There were but two final states that we needed to visit to complete Mom’s bucket list wish that year, New Hampshire and Vermont; but, my parents don’t tend to do things minimally.  We conquered fifteen states and Niagara Falls that vacation.  This is where both of my parents’ true character shines through.  We only needed to visit two states to fulfill Mom’s bucket list.  However, the same wish was on my bucket list as well and my parents made sure we visited a chunk of states to add to mine.  Their generosity to help others fulfill their dreams is something I will always be grateful for and strive to emulate myself.

Lake Sunapee

The sunset pictured below was taken the final night of our visit through the great states of New Hampshire and Vermont.  It was breathtaking and left us with a feeling of peace that Mom’s final bucket list wish had been achieved.  The image of that moment remains in my memory as vividly as Mom’s colorful personality.  It was as glorious as she and left me longing to visit again, much like the effect Mom’s infectious personality had on others.

New Hampshire


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