Pure Bliss

Pur Blue Spa, Newport Beach

Pur Blue Spa, Newport Beach, California

Some days are meant for complete relaxation!  So yesterday, my girlfriends and I did just that.  We relished in self-indulgent delight by soaking in the sun, while lounging in pool side cabanas at Pur Blue Spa in Newport Beach.  If you’ve never had the experience of a Bamboo Lime Massage, then you’re missing out for sure.  It is by far one of my favorite treatments and a most excellent way to ensure a balanced psyche while going through difficult times.

Everybody deserves to enjoy undemanding moments in life to just breathe and recharge.  We soon realized this didn’t just pertain to us, when a friendly duck joined our party.  We became enamored by the little guy.  Watching him frolicking in the pool, completely enjoying the moment, was mesmerizing.  He eventually completed his spa swim and waddled over to us.  It appeared he was interested in joining our party.  So being the social butterflies that we are, we welcomed him gladly.  This little guy stayed with us through a good portion of the day, even resting to take a nap midway through.  It just goes to show we all need the time to relax, appreciate that which is around us, and spend a little time with good friends.

lucky duck

lucky ducklucky ducklucky ducklucky duck


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