Marcello’s Message


Some things in life are much better than others!!  I’m lucky enough to have a full time job that allows for vacations throughout the year.  So this week, I’ve enjoyed my time off by doing a variety of different activities and projects.  By far though, my most favorite thing to do has been spending some good quality time with my spunky, silly pup, Marcello.  I will admit my shortcomings to most and one of them is definitely allowing Marcello to sleep in my bed, lick my finished dinner plate, and pretty much demand anything he wants.  I just can’t seem to say, “No” to him.

Don’t get me wrong!  He’s not ill mannered or even really demanding; except when guests arrive and he wants to be noticed or it’s dinner time and I’ve failed to fill his bowl.  In that case, he has become accustomed to hitting the Easy Button™ to receive his dinner.  Mind you, I did not train him to do this, but he’s connected it with treats and decided one day that it might just work to get his dinner as well.  I don’t mind.  It means I only need to fill his bowl when he’s ready.

marcello copy
He’s actually a pretty chill lil’ guy, extremely smart, and freakishly humanesque.  Like me, Marcello enjoys his meditation time.  At least that’s what I think he’s doing when he sits right next to me and appears to be almost asleep.  Okay…maybe that’s a stretch; but, I like to believe he is regardless.  He is the number one factor in keeping me on track with my exercise.  He LOVES to walk and can easily take on a hefty trek every day without even breaking a sweat.  For a little ten pound pup…that’s pretty impressive.  He’s apparently pretty famous too.  It’s not uncommon on our nightly walks to have people calling out to him.  Don’t ask me what he’s doing when I’m not around; but, it appears he’s making the rounds on a public campaign with quite a following.

By now, you may be questioning the purpose of this particular post.  Believe me, it does have a point.  One thing I learned from Mom was to enjoy the little pleasures in life.  Embrace that which is for you a simplistic luxury in your life, because for another it’s not even a glimmer of a possibility.  Show and express your heart to those you love as often as possible, because one day they will not be able to embrace you back or answer your sentiments.  Recognize the fact that those things most valuable cannot be bought, but can easily be lost.  Take time to notice the little details in life, the moments of pure bliss, and the heartache of lost loves.  Gratitude, my friends, is a powerful thing indeed!

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