Not Just a Bowl of Rocks


I have always been one to believe in the healing powers of meditation, music, spirituality and a healthy diet and exercise.  Not that I have always practiced what I preach; but none the less, I’ve always had faith in them. There is one form of “healing” however that has never really piqued my interest, until now.

Some of you may recall my story about Mom’s practice of giving us Happy Day Treats.  Well, recently, one of my students did just that by bestowing upon me a midsize, rough, white crystal.  When I asked her if it had healing powers she simply looked at me, timidly shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’m not sure; but it’s really pretty.”  In reality, this made the gesture that much more sweet to me.  She was simply passing along something she found lovely and inspiring, and that swelled my heart with gratitude.  You see, I believe in signs and the fact that something is passed along without any understanding as to why, except that it makes sense and feels right to do so, is a sign to me.

So I decided to delve into the meaning and healing powers of stones and crystals.  What I found inspired me.  The quartz crystal is, in a nutshell, an all purpose healer.  To be honest, I already felt better knowing it was in my home.  So I dug a little deeper.  It does all kinds of things.  Basically, it’s like the Renaissance man of all stones.  I could expect that my emotions would be balanced, my heart and body healed, my soul harmonized, and my mind awakened.  I was feeling extra enlightened by the minute.  Then my eyes fell upon something that truly did cause the hair on my arms to stand upright.

Somewhere between being intrigued and becoming a full on believer appeared the description, enhances communication with angels.  At that moment my previous beliefs of meditation and spirituality merged with the healing powers of crystals and stones.  I don’t doubt for a minute that Mom was channeling a sweet, beautiful, little angel on earth to send me a clear message.  I’m not saying Mama was trying to get me to place a bunch of healing stones and crystals around my house.  That wasn’t really her style.  No, that’s not at all what I think.  I think Mama was trying to let me know she can hear me….and that is just the bee’s knees in my opinion.

About a week or so later my friend Margo and I stumbled upon a delightful store in Pasadena, called Lula Mae.  Fueled by my newly discovered knowledge, I found myself skimming the display shelf of healing stones and crystals when my sweet friend handed me a tiny bag cradling another stone called Ocean Jasper.  This particular stone is meant to relieve stress; something I desperately needed.  I knew in that moment that I could not ignore the signals any longer and  a designated bowl of crystals and stones would soon find its resting place in my home.  That day, I gathered several treasures pertinent for where I am in life today, including stones for meditation, serenity, and for healing grief.  We then set out on a mission to locate the ideal bowl for resting.  Mind you, Margo had been searching for the perfect bowl for her stash for some time now, so I did not have high hopes for discovering my own that day.  Low and behold if I didn’t find my uniquely quintessential  bowl in the next shop we stopped in, Anthropology.  It was meant to be.  And now, the perfect bowl is sitting in an ideal spot, sending out positive vibes, endlessly.  For those who don’t buy into this or believe, no worries….I have a stone for that too! 🙂



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