Questionable Vacation


I know that Spring Break is supposed to be a carefree and glorious time; but to be honest, I’d barely made it out of the parking lot at work before I broke down into tears.  We have had an incredibly stressful time at work recently and the “come down” was inevitable.  Stress release is such a bizarre thing.  I didn’t expect to have this reaction, but I know why I did.

The freedom of time, with no restraints has always allowed me the privilege of talking with Mom whenever I wanted to, which is what I would always do at the onset of vacation.  We would chat about all sorts of things with no limitations.  It also allowed for the luxury of jumping on a plane to catch a quick visit back home, if desired.  At times, I chose to do that and at others I simply spent the time traveling to other places for relaxation.

At this point in time, I’m rethinking my decision to stay home.  My initial thought was that it would be good to just relax and allow myself the down time to decompress.  However, now I wish I had planned something to keep my mind otherwise occupied.  I feel certain that I will feel differently after a good night’s rest…but for now…my heart hurts and I long to talk with Mom about anything and everything.


2 thoughts on “Questionable Vacation

  1. I know your heartache. While it may seem easier to busy yourself with stuff to keep your mind and memories occupied, please take time for YOU. If that means spending some days crying and remembering and wishing… then so be it. Grief does not happen in a straight line, nor does it take a vacation.


  2. Thank you! I know that is true and was exactly what I was going for. I’m excited now for the down time and to accomplish some projects I’ve got on my to do list. I so enjoy the freedom!


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