“Sweet” Break



I have stumbled upon another delectable treat from Hawaii, shortbread cookies.  One of my favorite things to do to wind down from a busy day at work is to stop and enjoy a cup of tea with a sweet biscuit.  Sometimes, that’s really all that is needed to find my balance again so that I may continue on for the rest of my day without undue stress.  I think that when we go through the loss of a loved one and find ourselves in the midst of grief, we take on stresses that we don’t even realize are there until we are completely overwhelmed and feeling somewhat defeated.  These are the times we must truly stop, acknowledge our strain and find our sense of peace in order to move forward.  For me, a cup of hot tea centers me and a sweet biscuit just adds a little “happy” to my day.  I love these little cookies because they are individually wrapped, keeping them super fresh and crumble with buttery goodness when you bite into them.  The fact that they’re dipped in chocolate is just the cherry on the top!




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