Fortunate Fate

I love to eat Chinese food!  There is just something about the blending of flavors and traditional dishes that gets me every time.  But the thing I look most forward to is cracking open that crunchy cookie and discovering my hidden fortune!  There’s a method and ritual to it that always wraps up a perfect meal.  Today was a very busy day for me, so I decided to grab some Chinese food to go.  Little did I know the absolute treasure waiting for me.  I couldn’t believe my luck after gently pulling the perfectly curled paper out of it’s treasure box.  “You know what you want – – Go for it!”  I had to smile….it was the most fortunate of fortunes to receive on the exact day that I started with my Facebook page for “when the chimes ring.”  One more goal accomplished.  I have a feeling this is Mom’s encouragement.  I truly believe that our loved ones who have passed on send us signs all the time.  We just have to look closely, listen carefully, and slow down to pay attention in order to feel them with us.


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