When the Chimes Ring


I’ve taken into consideration that some who read this may not have been privy to one of my stories previously shared among friends that holds considerable weight as to why I named this blog, When the Chimes Ring.  So I felt it only right to backtrack a bit and enlighten those to the back story for two reasons.  First, it’s meaningful to me and that is always reason enough to share one’s thoughts; and second, I often refer to chimes ringing and to not have the prior knowledge of “why?” might leave one with a blank stare and empty thoughts of confusion.  So here goes….my first blog….a recap on a story that will forever remain close to my heart.

Original post: January 12, 2014.

Some of you may recall my stating that I’ve received numerous signs that Mom is with me. At least I believe it to be true. Just now, to liven’ up the morning, I went walking through my house and asked Marcello, (Yes…I do speak to my dog as if he were human)…”Would you like to listen to some music? I think it would be fabulous.” Just as I was finishing the final word, I heard the most beautiful tinkling notes fill the air, as if in response to my inquiry. I automatically recognized it as wind chimes.

Now anyone who knew Mom, knew of her mad love for wind chimes. When she was first diagnosed with cancer I bought her a set specifically made for healing. I recall her calling me one morning to tell me she was sitting in the breakfast room, enjoying a cup of coffee while listening to her beautiful chimes, and already felt better. It warmed my heart to know they were bringing her such happiness.

Those of you who live in this area are completely aware that it is a windy day here in our lovely valley. What you don’t know about this story is that while cleaning out a closet right after Mom passed away, in an effort to hang the ornaments she made in hopes of filling my home with her essence, I came across these wind chimes. I was so excited to find them because they reminded me of her and I thought that I had lost them. I did not hesitate a second longer and rushed outside to hang them. They were beautiful and sparkly…but did not chime. I kept wishing for some wind to help them make music. But alas, it was not to be.

So today, over a month after I originally hung them, it was such a feeling of pure joy to hear them chiming in the breeze and creating their own music…..as if on command….just sayin’…just coincidence?…I think not.  Thank you, Mama…for giving me a sign that is bold and easily recognizable.

Now, whenever I hear chimes ring…I know that she is with me.  And this, my friends, is why I have named this blog, “When the Chimes Ring.”


13 thoughts on “When the Chimes Ring

  1. This is so beautiful! It’s a perfect title for you’re new blog and I love your story. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that our love ones that have passed are still around and with us. I hope that this blog gives you the same sense of relief that I know writing gives me. I look forward to reading more of your well-written words! AND I love looking at your pictures!! Amazing talent!!


    • Thank you for your kind words, Anabelle. I agree! There is something quite comforting when we sense that those that have passed are with us in moments of both grief and joy. 🙂


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